Sunday, August 7, 2005

Fortune on Advertising

I just got around to reading the current issue of Fortune Magazine with the cover story Yahoo! and the Future of Advertising along with four more stories on how online advertising is reshaping the ad industry. There is considerable hand-wringing from the mainstream media, advertising agencies, etc. AP CEO Tom Curley was reported to have said "If there were an enemies list, [Yahoo!] would be front and center." Another article, available only online, is titled Nightmare on Madison Avenue.

If I had to distill the articles to a sentence, it would be this: fragmentation and proliferation are radically altering the media landscape and the advertising agencies that don't adapt won't survive. One article read: The old forms of media on which they relied for years are rapidly losing their grip on consumers and a quote referred to TV commercials as "that 30-second, half-a-million-dollar thing."

Here, we sometimes refer to ourselves as "media agnostic," meaning we're not committed to any media when it comes to delivering our clients' messages to their targeted audiences. We choose whichever media we believe will be most effective in reaching those audiences. As Fortune pointed out, more and more of that media is moving online...and so are we. If this is the future of advertising, I say: "Bring it on[line]!"

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