Wednesday, August 24, 2005

LifeLight Music Festival

Lifelight_logo August 24, 2005. As you may have noticed, I have been light on the blogging in recent weeks. The reason for that is the amount of time I've been spending with LifeLight Communications, spearheading the media relations effort for their annual music festival. It's the largest free, outdoor Christian music festival in the nation.

Media attention has been at a peak this year for two reasons. First, the 240,000 people that attended last year's festival was more than double the previous year and caught some people by surprise. Second, the festival this year is moving from the Fairgrounds to a new location on the outskirts of town and there was a permitting process that drummed up a little controversy. But now the festival is a week away and preparations are under way for 250,000 festivalgoers.

If you want to follow the news coverage, we make it easy for you. Some of the early news coverage can be found on the festival web site and I've also started a lifelight Technorati Tag for all of you bloggers out there who are talking about the festival.

If you don't have plans for Labor Day weekend this year...come on out!

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