Wednesday, July 6, 2005

This blog is!

I spent a good portion of the Fourth of July weekend familiarizing myself with the many aspects of consumer generated media and Participatory Journalism. Sure, I've been blogging for a long time (before this blog, even), but as Walt Mossberg said today, text blogs are yesterday's news.

Newdel First, I went to the social bookmark manager and set up my own personal collection of links. I set up categories that relate to my job: PR and advertising. I set up categories that reflect my interests: venture capital and economic development (both primarily in my home-state of South Dakota). In the spirit of the medium, I also set up categories for blogging, podcasting and RSS. I've even started setting up tags for articles about clients. The service even establishes an RSS feed which I added to my list of feeds. (One question: if I post something on my blog, tag it with and then put the list on my blog, how will readers know where to stop?)

Itunes Next, all the recent news about podcasting influenced me to download the latest version of iTunes and subscribe to some podcasts. I started with the first installment of the Micro Persuasion Podcast. Steve had some very interesting things to say about the impact of RSS on marketing and defended himself against some recent criticism from the blogosphere. I then went to the excellent For Immediate Release, listened to a little bit of their latest podcast and subscribed. I'm looking forward to getting into the podcast game myself sometime in the near future.

After that I downloaded Skype (note to self: buy headset for PC) and today I even found time to blog about the entire weekend. The point of all this is that as marketers we need to be aware of all the different ways to communicate with our constituencies. There are conversations taking place online in so many different mediums and its incumbent upon us spend the time to keep up. Somtimes it even takes a three-day weekend.

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