Thursday, May 26, 2005

Are we ready for the blogosphere?

Is the blogosphere ready for us?

Okay, we’re not totally new here. Each of us has a list of our favorite blogs that we visit on a regular basis and some of us were even bloggers before we started this one.

But today we dive in head-first. After all, we’ve got a few ideas about marketing and communications that turbo-charge business. Some are even worth sharing. Besides, we’re constantly scouring the world of business and advertising to tune in on how others are exploring ideas, media and how they combine to connect customers and businesses. This is where we serve it up to you.

Here's the deal: at least since the Cluetrain Manifesto, we’ve come to embrace the idea that marketing is conversation. In our industry (as well as the industries of many of our clients) more of those conversations are occurring online and we want to be a part of them.

Thus we present this blog. So named because we think advertising is not a cosmetic; it’s an adhesive. The work we and our industry peers deliver is nothing if it doesn’t bring you and your customers closer. Like, really close. Of course that can mean a lot of things. And we’ll get into that right here.

So what do we plan to do with this blog? Part of it is just channeling some electricity out of our shop. We’re a 15-person agency in the Midwest. We work with everyone from pressure washer manufacturers to venture capitalists. Our clients make anything from nutraceuticals to fire trucks. We have to think a lot about how the genius of new media/marketing meet the pressures of the market. And we’re particularly interested in how in the 21st Century economy, small agencies like ours can deliver big-time thinking and major league work for clients of any size, need, or GPS coordinates.

We love this stuff. And it’s fun to share.

Ultimately, we’re just starting a conversation. When you stroll into a cocktail party or chat up an interesting friend, you may know where the conversation will start, but you rarely know where it will go and never know where it ends. That’s simply to say that the content of this blog depends on what we’re doing and what our readers are interested in.

But enough about all that…let’s blog already.

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