Sunday, June 4, 2006

Consumer Generated Single

What are you doing to engage the consumers that find their way to your web site? What are you giving them that makes them want to return? tell their friends? post something on Myspace?

Jars of Clay clearly spent some time thinking about engaging viewers of their band web site. In addition to great design, their site has a lot of the things you'd expect to find on the web site of popular musicians: multimedia, band bios and journals, an email list to sign up for, a fan site, a Myspace page and even a charity.

But Jars of Clay have taken engagement one step further. Fans who come to get to decide which song from the latest album will be released as the next single. You can vote here. But what if you haven't heard all of the songs from their latest album? They've got it covered. They're all there for you to listen to. That's right...all thirteen songs from the album Redemption Songs can be listened to in their entirety online.

But, you might ask, how will they get fans to buy what they can hear for free online? Well, I just purchased my copy. Why? Because I want to get it in my mp3 player.

What do your site visitors get to vote on? Are the polls meaningless, or do they get to decide what the next production extension will be? Do they get to pick a new color? retail location?

Incidentally, I voted for "I'll Fly Away." Leave your vote and thoughts in the comments section below.

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